What is hockey?

Hockey Hockey is one of the distinctive, unique sports that depend on the presence of two teams, a small disc, and a hockey stick. It is a sport beneficial to the body, and very enjoyable, dating back thousands of years, and we will introduce you in this article to the history of hockey,

  And its principles, and types.  Historical information There are many sports that used the curved stick and the ball since ancient times in many cultures. In Egypt, carved carvings were found four thousand years ago for teams carrying sticks and slingers, in addition to Hurling teams dating back before the one thousand two hundred and seventy two years before  Birth in Ireland,

  There are also drawings dating back to 600 BC in Greece, and people used to play pico for a thousand years, a game similar to the current field hockey.  One of the great evidences of the presence of hockey-like games in the Middle Ages is their presence in legislation related to games and sports, as there is a Galloway law that prohibits certain types of ball games, including hockey, and this law was applied in 1527 AD, and at the advent of the nineteenth century, historical games began  In its forms, its divisions in separation, and merger until it reached what it is now, and began the establishment of committees empowered to develop laws and regulations, as local and international entities emerged to organize competitions.  The principles of hockey. The match takes place between two teams on the field.  Each team includes six players and a referee.  Speed ​​and strength are hockey requirements.  The referee is allowed to suspend the player for a period of five to ten minutes on the basis of the offense committed by the player.  Goals are counted when you place the disc in the opponent’s goal.  Types of ice hockey: Ice hockey match between two teams competing against each other on a flat ice ground using a small disc with a diameter of 76.2 mm, called a rubber disk, where this disk is frozen to reduce the percentage of friction on ice when hit by a hockey stick, while the players ’dress wears shoes  Ski and head-protection helmet to protect it in case of a fall, and ice hockey is widespread in all European countries and North America.  Field hockey: In this type there is no ice, but there is a stadium that contains gravel, or natural or artificial grass, and this type is spread throughout the world, especially in Asian countries, South Africa, and European countries.  Other hockey types are ground hockey.  Air hockey.  Hockey ball.  Table hockey.  Hockey underwater

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