Number of hockey players.

Hockey is one of the most popular types of sports based on the competition of two teams, and each team seeks to score specific goals in the opponent’s goal, and the hockey stick is usually used to score and score a large group of goals.

 There is no doubt that this sport is considered one of the most popular types of sports that have won great popularity among many people in all different countries of the world, and this game is characterized by many forms, the most important of which is air hockey, as well as beach hockey, ground hockey, ball hockey and box hockey, and the number of players with these  The game is for about six players.

 How many hockey players

 This game consists of two teams and each team includes about six players, and five of these players strive to pass the disc between them to score the most points, so the sixth player will be the goalkeeper, who is responsible for guarding the goal and prevents the registration of goals and points by the other team, and is approved  This game is on three different runs at the time and is also based on the competition between the two teams.

 The most important rules of hockey

 This game is based on several set of rules, the most important of which are the following:

 1- The primary goal of hockey is to pass the disc and strive to score the most points, by reaching the opposing team’s goals.

 2- The hockey rink is in the form of a rectangle with rounded edges. This circuit is characterized by having similar and similar lines and measurements on both sides.

 3- The game competition usually begins after the referee’s whistle sounds, and the disc falls between both teams.

 4- The hockey game is considered finished in the event that the players launch an ice disc outside the play line, as well as in the case of the goalkeeper leaving his place or some players try to touch the disc by hand.

 The most important sections of hockey

 This game is divided into two parts:

 1- Field hockey

 It is considered one of the games that are usually practiced on gravel as well as grass, in addition to the possibility of exercising also on sand and water, and this game is practiced by using a solid ball whose size is small, and this game has won great fame among many layers and different classes of people, and it has become one of the  The most famous games in Europe and Asia, as well as Australia and South Africa.

 2- Ice hockey

 This game will be played on a large area of ​​ice and through a disk the size of this disk is only about three inches, and this disc is characterized by that it was made of vulcanized rubber and this game won great fame in all North American countries as well as Europe and other European countries, as it achieved fame  Also great in Canada, Finland, and the Czech Republic.

 Hockey Rules

 This game is based on preventing any friction between the players, whether this is physical friction or friction through strong strikes between the players, and this game is also held to prevent the player from raising the ball above the level of the shoulder during the practice of playing, and the goalkeeper may also  He must tackle the ball with all the different parts of his body, but at the same time he must take into account that the ball is in the circle of correction, and in the event that the players of the game violate these laws, the match referee will soon announce a penalty for the other competing team.

 Tips when playing hockey

 1- The player must adhere to accuracy and focus in order to pass the ball to the other player of his team.

 2- Coordination and integration among the players is one of the main ways to win this game.  3- Players should avoid throwing the disc in a high way, it is best to move the disc lightly and simple

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