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Hockey hockey is a sport in which two teams play against each other through ball maneuvers to try to score a goal in the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick, and there are many types of hockey spread in different parts of the world, and ice hockey is often referred to under the name hockey, and these are spread  Sports in Canada, the United States, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This sport has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and is one of the basic hockey equipment: shoulder support, sports belt and protective helmet in addition to hockey stick, and this article will deal with some facts about sports  For hockey

  The history of hockey, despite what appears to be the novelty of that sport, hockey started in England from the mid-nineteenth century until the mid-eighties, and then spread throughout Canada by British soldiers. More information about the history of hockey can be explained in the following:

  Hockey was played in the early nineteenth century in Nova Scotia in the United Kingdom, and it appeared to be very influenced by the game of Irish tossing, and included the use of a stick and square blocks in place of a ball.  Perhaps this game was the only one that spread throughout Canada through some immigrants from Scotland and Ireland, and the name hockey is attributed to a common word in France meaning the shepherd’s stick, and the term skating that refers to the specific playing area was originally used in the game of nets in Scotland in the century  eighteen.  The first use of hockey reel now known in Ontario was recorded in Canada in 1860. The first public recorded indoor hockey game with rules borrowed largely from field hockey was played at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal in 1875 between  Two teams of McGill University students.  Unfortunately, the reputation of hockey violence has been spreading in some years, hitting players in many matches.  Ice hockey competed with some of the most popular types of sports in Canada in the late nineteenth century.  The first national hockey organization, the Association of Hockey Amateurs in Canada, was formed in Montreal in 1885. Types of hockey Hockey is not limited to only one type but rather to other forms, some of which are common in a number of countries, and a number of types of hockey can be explained in the following:

  Air hockey: It is played at the airbag table.  Beach hockey: This type of hockey is common in open places such as the streets, and watching this type of hockey is a common sight on the shores of southern California.  Box hockey: This type was common in the yard of some teacher in the first place, and played by two people, and the goal of the game is to move hockey ball from the center of the penalty area to the outside through a hole placed at the end of the box and players kneel against each other on both sides of the box.  Ground hockey: A form of hockey that is practiced on foot on a smooth ground surface, and it is usually inside the gymnasiums or similar places.  Gina Hockey: It is a sport practiced in Ethiopia and its name goes back to the name of the Ethiopian Christmas, where the equipment for this type of hockey is made of a strong stick curved at one end and a ball of two different types.  Miniature hockey: A form of hockey that is played in the United States in the basement of houses, where players use a mini plastic stick, which is usually about 15 inches.  Bond Hockey: A simplified form of ice hockey that occurs on naturally frozen ice.  Energy hockey: It is a form of hockey for people who need to use an electric chair in daily life.  Hockey Laws Hockey riad is a common sport among large numbers of people, especially in Canada and the United States of America. This sport has rules and laws governing the style and way of playing it. More about hockey laws can be explained in the following:

  Hockey has two teams that play against each other with 19 players from each team, generally 12 strikers, 6 defenders, and one goalkeeper, and sometimes the team chooses 7 defenders and 11 strikers, which is because the fourth streak does not take much time anyway.  The team with the most goals is the winning team.  If the hockey match continues after 3 rounds, i.e. 60 minutes, then there will be an additional period of 5 minutes, and if the match continues after that, the scoring exchange will determine the winner.  There is a fairly long list of penalties or things a hockey player cannot do, otherwise he goes into the penalty box for two minutes while the other team has the advantage after imposing that penalty on the opponent team.  Penalties for 4 minutes come from high stickiness if the player sticks his stick against the other and causes him to hit him arbitrarily.  The types of penalties are many: interference, fixation, stick grip, high stickiness, tripping, and goalkeeper intervention.  The most popular hockey players with the increase in the popularity of hockey game The popularity of that sport has increased with its spread in many countries, and the most famous hockey players can be explained in the following:   Mike Richards: Although Richards does not have the size and speed that usually characterize hockey players, he possesses enormous energy and enthusiasm that leads his teammates on the field throughout the game, and he has shown talent to win at every stage of his career, he always plays seriously and has excellent vision and ability to think  During the game.  Drew Dottie: He is one of the most important hockey players in the world, and he controls defensive gameplay in an amazing way, he is also very talented and gives pleasure to watch the match

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