sanctions simple to get started, the sanctions are stops where players crimes personal against other players. In the case of call the death and stop playing, raising ruling his hand on his head. Then would wait to stop playing up to touch the player of the team offending fiend. Know the judgment that awaits this touch that death late. During this time, often rush teams aim to bench for skater offensive additional ice to try to date during the delay. Sanctions will lead to hit the player offending in the box penalty of time allotted. You know this time period as a game of power. Could not be team player offensive player mode on the ice to replace the player who has punished (allows for teams with 6 players on the ice during play, and usually be 5 players defender goal.) During the game, the team punishable will be the player after that a man produced by the advantage of 5 on 4 team the other. Often there is a difference between players of the two teams resulting in 5 in 3. the other groups are 3 of 3, 3 4, and 4 in 4. regardless of the number of players in the box penalty group of a particular, the least a number of players who can restrict the team their is 3 متزلجين defender their goal. Can end sanctions simple which caused a shortcut one team early if register team, which includes a higher number of players (in the game force) target. Then the player can punishable the least amount of time to come out. Any players rest with remaining time is to stay in the box. For example, if there are 5 in 3, leaving the player 1 only 20 seconds while remaining player 2 50 seconds left, the team, which has a 5 players records, the confrontation come in the Center of the ice. ستنجم result 5 in 4 for 50 seconds, will allow the player who leave 20 seconds of penalty to leave the fund before the face of the face. Otherwise, if it is time over naturally, did not be logged any target at the time period during the implementation of the penalty, will continue to play when it comes out the player punishable of the fund to continue playing. سأناقش sanctions major later. Here are the penalties simple with sanctions the right time. High barbed (2 or 4 minutes) is the adhesion of higher penalty simple as related to stick player in any part of the player competitor on the shoulders. The intent unrelated most of sanctions simple. In the case of stick player, you must be always under control. Even if cause of another person in the death of high barbed, there exists argument is not exist area Gray. High barbed is the crime of minor 2 minutes. However, if the withdrawal of blood a stick high, they will be the expense of the time كعقوبتين small, respectively. Since it has been identified as a جزاءان صغيران, if the goal in minutes the first and second, is removed the rest of the period of minutes the second and began to run a minor II. If the goal in the second period of two minutes, player can get out of the fund and follow-up to play. Runs (minutes) stumble it did take down player shows through the output of زلاجاته from under it. Can do it a stick or the ski or arm or any other part of the body of the player and / or معداته. Climb (minutes) there are two types of Ascension. Copy the secondary (minutes) is a work of moderate to attack the man from the back to the panels while in the position is not about him. Was created this rule to protect the health and future career players nhl. Allows players to بالركض to other players have or approaching of getting puck (also known as the name or يراجعون). Players who are being beaten back in panels on the rink consider unprotected. سيحكم judgment whether injury in boards harmful or not. If felt that it offense but not the penalty of substantial, will be accurate high school. Will we talk about version of the death large later. Enter the goalkeeper (minutes) allows players to verification of the other players as long as the game wand close, which is not a blow unnecessary. There’s one exception. Do not allow players never verification of tender goals. In the season last, found players ways to intervene in tender goal without verified actually. As a result, the adoption of the definition of a new to intervene in tender goal. You should make players every effort to avoid contact with tender goal while in wrinkling (coloring Blue in front of the goal.) Is prohibited also on players the face of tender goal والتلويح in the face or any of the dispersion of attention. Allowed to stand in front of tender target and screen (blocking see it), as long as it does not call or distracted attention. Like most of the rules, can judge that called on the things you see intervention or to continue to play on the basis of appreciation. This is the base very difficult to support always. Feel many teams that tender their goal interfere often then called officials. Intervention (minutes) unlike the intervention keeper, is to communicate with other players on the ice part of the game like ice skating. Happens visits checks and communication continuously throughout the period of the game. Although the contact a legal, it is supposed to be per player opportunity equal to reach the game wand. However, is described intervention that hinder the opponent, which does not have a عفريتا or hinder any player of the bench.

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