Brutal battles, missing teeth, massive platforms. No, not a night club in the 1980s; hockey. If you imagined yourself as the next Wayne Gretzky you are not alone. Over half a million Canadians are registered as a hockey player, and if there is one thing Canadians know, it is hockey.
So, why should you face the problem of pulling all this clunky stuffing and trying to hit a small disc with a big stick? Well, the benefits of both mind and body are well documented.
The physical benefits of hockey
Let’s start with the obvious. Are you looking to lose weight? Most of us will answer “yes” to this, so why not do it in a fun, difficult and rewarding way? You can do much worse than playing hockey. Forget the fad diets and those hilarious commercials they appear at 3 o’clock for machines that will inevitably become just something to hang up your laundry. Instead, hold the hockey stick, your goblin and a few friends in a game and the weight will begin to undo you. This is not a slack game. Hockey is unlike soccer or swimming where the level of energy use is fairly constant, it includes short bursts of energy. The nature of the game means that you will start and stop for a period of 70 minutes. Yes, seventy. Professional matches Hockey courts usually last more than two and a half hours. This is a heck of a way to burn fat and calories. It’s like working out, but fun. Think of it as an intense high intensity training period but with less Lycra use.
So why on earth do you want to put yourself through it, hear you ask? Let’s say you’ve backed off and started playing. I hope the first thing you’ll get to have fun is, but as you enjoy yourself you get a full workout at the same time. Goodbye barrel, hello six pack.
Let’s be clear here, this is not like going to the gym and taking a picture of Facebook while you just sit on the devices, and there is no day skipping here. Hockey requires a lot of your body. You can expect to have painful shoulders, triceps and forearm, as well as shaky leg muscles, calves, and hamstrings. The pain, however, is temporary, and the long-term benefits are hugely beneficial.
Take care of your health
The direct upside is after intense physical activity like this, you will be ready for a good night’s sleep (after hitting the bathroom first, of course). You will fall asleep faster and your sleep will be deeper and more comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more energy you have, so a winner from the start. With this new source of energy, you’ll want to play the game further and get more powerful. As you increase your energy and muscle strength, the capacity of your cardiovascular system increases. Thanks to hitting this small disc with a stick, your body is physically able to supply oxygen more efficiently. The more oxygen in your muscles, the more flexible and healthy they are.
but this is not all. The more oxygen that is provided to the muscles, the stronger it becomes. Yes, that’s right, the more you play, the stronger it becomes. So not only will you collect and lose the “Christmas woods” you have been holding since the millennium, but your bone structure and your connective tissues are actually getting stronger as well. So, in fact, the more you play, the less likely you are to be injured. Of course, this does not give you less excuse for throwing a patient at work.
There is another feature of this entire hockey game that you won’t automatically think about too; improved coordination. If you are something like me, I even struggle to drink a cup of coffee without leaking it myself. Now imagine that you got a Goblin Hockey game going towards your face at a speed of 100 mph. You either have to react quickly or spend the night at A&E. Hockey is actively developing hand-eye coordination. It improves response times, reactions, motor skills and agility. Not bad for a game that a handful of College College kids started in the early nineteenth century

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