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The game is divided into two halves, each consisting of 35 minutes, and the two teams change their position after the five-minute break.  Each team consists of eleven players, five of whom are attackers (F), three auxiliaries (back) (HP), and two dozen (FP), in addition to goal keeper (C).  Two judgments are supervised by the match, and a time officer, or two officers, may help them.

 Players try to advance the ball using sticks only until one of them is in a position to score in the other team’s goal; each goal is counted one point.  The goal is scored when the attacking player is able to ball from inside the aiming circle, so that it crosses the goal line between the goalposts and under the bar.  The team that scores the most points wins the match.

 The game begins with a pass backwards, whereby the player strikes or pushes the ball with the stick from the midfield to one of his teammates, provided that one of the other team players is not present in an area less than four and a half meters from the ball at the start of the game.  Each player must remain in the specified half for his team from the stadium, except for the player who performs the first hit.  The ball should not cross the midline.  Play starts with the back pass after each goal.

 The law of the game prohibits any physical contact or any dangerous stroke, and also prevents the player from playing the ball, so that it is above the shoulder level and with any part of the stick.  The goalkeeper can kick or stop the ball with any part of his body, including his hand, provided the ball is in the correction round.  The judgment declares a penalty if any of these laws is violated.

 Play continues after the penalty kick with a free kick.  In the event of a violation of two players at the same time, the game continues with a blow called the poly, where two players standing against each other and the ball between them stand on the ground.  Each player must touch the ground with his stick, then touch his opponent’s stick, and this process is repeated three times, after which either of them can hit the ball.

 Hockey in Australia and New Zealand

 Hockey is a popular game in Australia, and it is organized by a government hockey federation in every state. These federations belong to the Australian National Hockey Federation and its membership exceeds 70,000 men, or to the Australian Hockey Federation, and they number approximately 30,000 women.

 Hockey was first played in Australia in 1904.  Australia also won the title “Asanda”, which is a world title in hockey in 1982, and the Cup of Pia Championship for the years 1983 AD, 1984 AD, and 1985 AD.  As for the Australian hockey team for women, it started the international competition for the first time in 1914, when a British team visited Australia.  He played the first Australian women’s team to play abroad, against South Africa in 1930.  Since then Australian Australian women’s teams have started competing with the world’s largest teams.  In 1988, the Australian women’s team won the championship in the Olympic Games.  Hockey as a winter game comes second after the rugby and soccer games of popularity in New Zealand, and more than 14,000 players belong to the 25 hockey federations, all linked to the New Zealand Hockey Federation.  The New Zealand Hockey Federation runs this game for 12,000 players.  The main competitions of the teams are on the men’s shield, and on the Issard and Women’s Cups.  Hockey was played for the first time, in 1896 AD in the Church of Christ, and soon became a popular game after that.  New Zealand won sixth place in the Olympic Games in 1956 AD, and it ranked fifth in 1960.  In the hockey competition at the 1976 Olympic Games, New Zealand defeated Australia

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