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Hockey is one of the sports groups in which two teams compete trying to score the ball or disk in the goal of the opposing team with a hockey stick.  In many areas, there is a sport (often called field hockey or ice hockey) referred to as hockey only.

 ice Hockey

 An ice hockey match between two competing teams is played on a flat icy ground using a small disc that does not exceed 76.2 mm in diameter. It is called a rubber disc. This disc is frozen to reduce the amount of friction on ice from hitting it with a hockey stick. As for the players ’dress, skating shoes and a protective helmet are worn to the head.  To protect them when they fall, ice hockey is widespread in both European and North American countries, and hockey is popular in Slovakia, Finland, Canada, and other countries.

 Field hockey

 In field hockey there is no ice there. Rather, there is a stadium that contains gravel, natural grass, or artificial grass. This type of hockey is widely spread around the world, especially in Asian, European and South African countries.

 The principles of hockey

 Hockey is based on several principles and principles, the most important of which are:

 The match consists of two teams who are located on the pitch.

 Each team consists of 6 players and a referee.

 Speed ​​and strength are hockey requirements.

 The referee can suspend the player from the match for a period ranging between 5-10 minutes, depending on the violation committed by the player.

 Goals are calculated when inserting the disc into the opponent’s goal.

 Other forms of hockey

 There are many and many types of hockey can be practiced, and below we will present some of those types of hockey sports, the most famous of which are:

 Beach hockey.

 Ground hockey.

 Air hockey.

 Hockey ball.

 Table hockey.

 Underwater hockey and many other types.

 The basic rules for hockey

 Ranking of the players

 The players are arranged in a certain form where they define a goalkeeper, two defense players and three offensive.


 Hockey players wear clothes suited to this sport as they work to cover the shoulders, elbows, hands and legs, and also include the need to wear a helmet that protects the head and the guards that protect the body from injury, while the goalkeeper wears more protective clothing.

 Match time

 The hockey match contains three runs, each spanning approximately 20 minutes.

 The course of the match

 The match begins with a signal from the referee responsible for it, as the ball is placed on the ground to begin the game in each team trying to achieve a goal in the other team’s goal.

 Hockey Violations

 The referee can violate the players if they do not comply with the rules and laws of the match, as one of the players can be suspended for a period ranging between two minutes, five minutes, ten, or until the end of the game.

  Air hockey: It is played at the airbag table.

  Beach hockey: This type of hockey is common in open places such as the streets, and watching this type of hockey is a common sight on the shores of southern California.

  Box hockey: This type was common in the yard of some teacher in the first place, and played by two people, and the goal of the game is to move hockey ball from the center of the penalty area to the outside through a hole placed at the end of the box and the players kneel against each other on both sides of the box.

 Ground hockey: A form of hockey that is practiced on foot on a smooth ground surface, and it is usually inside the gymnasiums or similar places.

 Gina Hockey: It is a sport practiced in Ethiopia and its name goes back to the name of the Ethiopian Christmas, where the equipment for this type of hockey is made of a strong stick curved at one end and a ball of two different types.

 Miniature hockey: A form of hockey that is played in the United States in the basement of houses, where players use a mini plastic stick, which is usually about 15 inches.  Bond Hockey: A simplified form of ice hockey that occurs on naturally frozen ice.  Energy hockey: It is a form of hockey for people who need to use an electric chair in daily life

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