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  Which is called in English the term Ice, it is water that is frozen and transformed from the liquid shape to a solid depending on the presence of impurities such as soil particles or bubbles of air, when its temperature drops below the freezing point, and the ice is formed anywhere if there is a presence  Water in a certain amount in addition to a cold atmosphere, the water will turn into ice due to the intense cold, and it can be in the form of rivers or frozen mountains.  Ice hockey p  Z ice

  Ice hockey, which is called the English term Ice hockey, is a competitive game that is played on ice within a specific area designated for skiing. Players carry a hockey stick to push or pass the disc on ice and towards the opposing team, where the team scores a point when it enters  The disc is in the nets of the opposing team, and ice hockey is one of the games that requires speed and physical movement. Each team in ice hockey consists of 6 players, one defender and five players skating up and down on ice in an attempt to take the disc in order to score points and goals  Against the  Saliva competitor

  Ice hockey is one of the most popular games and sports in Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Nordic countries, Russia and the United States of America, and ice hockey is the official national winter sport in Canada, and there are 76 member countries in the International Ice Hockey Federation  It is the federation specialized in managing international championships and setting the laws of hockey on ice. The game of hockey on ice continued to develop until it became one of the most famous international games that are practiced in Europe and some countries of the continent of Asia, in addition to that hockey on ice  N famous games in the winter and so appropriate for the exercise of weather conditions

  History of hockey ice hockey is an ancient sport, where stick and ball games go back to prehistoric Europe, where these games included the Irish throwing game in addition to certain versions of field hockey, and in December of 1769 discovered historians of sports  The Swedish Carls Gideon and Patrick Hoda Ice Skates. After that, British immigrants to Canada and the United States brought stick and ball games with them and played them on ice and snow in the winter season, which contributed to the popularity of these games in these countries, and Montreal is the center of hockey development on  Contemporary Ice

  In March of the year 1875, the first organized indoor hockey game was played at the Victoria Ice Skating Rink in Montreal between two teams of nine players. Among the most important of these players was James Crayton and many students of McGill University, and the game of ice hockey continued to develop and by one year  1893 There were nearly a hundred ice hockey teams in Montreal alone In addition to that there were leagues across Canada, and a set of ice hockey laws were put in place that allowed cricket platforms to better protect the goalkeeper’s legs

  The laws of the game of hockey on ice The laws of the game of hockey on ice are one of the basic elements that the game includes, as these laws include a set of principles that determine how to play the game correctly and without making mistakes and irregularities while playing, and here comes a mention of the most important laws of hockey game on ice  Players are allowed to stop hockey ball on any part of their body or to remove the opponent from playing anywhere on the ice.  Players may not pass through the two blue lines and if this happens the player is considered to be offside.  The goalkeeper rarely leaves his goal field, and the other five players are distributed as three strikers are the center, the left winger and the right winger, and two defenders are the left and right defender.  The player wears shoes that do not contain dangerous objects, and he wears special clothes that cover the shoulders and thighs, as well as hands and elbows, and wears a protective helmet in the head to protect his head from any danger

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